Paulaner am Nockherberg


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Paulaner am Nockherberg

Paulaner am Nockherberg is a popular meeting place for Munich locals, no matter where and when - in the beer garden, in the restaurant or during the traditional strong beer festival. The restaurant under the control of Christian Schottenhamel and Florian Lechner opened its doors again after some time of renovation in Feburary 2018. As a new particularity, the beer is now exclusively brewed for Nockherberg‘s use in brewing kettles situated inside the restaurant in a central room. Also the menu for the restaurant and the beer garden has been revised. It includes Bavarian classics, but also creations of an innovative Bavarian cuisine.


Perhaps most people associate Munich with beer, and there certainly are a lot of breweries and beer halls in the city. But don't miss Munich's classic high-calorie everyday cooking. Schweinshaxe is a roasted ham hock or "pork knuckle," and it goes well with sauerkraut and Knödel, which are boiled dumplings. We also recommend Apfelstrudel (apple strudel) and custard or a Dampfnudel (a kind of cream bun with chocolate or vanilla custard) for dessert.