The Kaulsdorf Ice Cream Shop


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The Kaulsdorf Ice Cream Shop

Since 1997, this family business has been serving over 130 varieties of ice cream made from organic milk. The Kaulsdorf Ice Cream Shop also offers lactose-free ice cream. Fantastic option if you want to order a pie or cake for a special event. Family friendly, with good coffee for the adults — catch some sun on the little benches outside.


The streets of Berlin are choc-a-bloc full with cafes. They've got everything that you need for a good start to the day, from lactose-free latte macchiato to a hearty buffet. You can grab a quick coffee to go and take a walk through one of the many parks in Berlin. Join the hoards of digital nomads tapping away at their laptops while sipping flat whites. Meet friends and family over brunch with crunchy sourdough bread and a generous spread of cold cuts and jams. In some cases, the distinction between cafes and bars in Berlin is not that obvious. Many places will serve you delicious meals all day, pour you a hot cup of coffee to keep you awake and will mix you a cocktail later in the night. Versatility is what Berlin is all about! Check out our list of the best cafes in Berlin: